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WOULD I LIE TO YOU...about all these great new acapellas?!

Written by Mike P on October 18, 2016

Whew! Ok, we have a whole mess of new full-length cover acapellas for ya here, and a new acapella clip too. Took me a long time to process all these tracks! But hey, you want 'em, and I'm happy to do it. Check out this list, then visit the music tab and license them.


First, the full length cover acapellas:

Would I Lie To You originally performed by John Gibbons

Would I Lie To You originally performed by David Guetta, Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis

Setting The...

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In The Name Of LOVE

Written by Mike P on October 11, 2016

2 FULL cover versions of the Martin Garrix ft Bebe Rexha hit will be available later today. One version is a cover (like the original) and the other is a dance remix.

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New Acapella Clips!

Written by Mike P on October 10, 2016

So it's a busy day here....we have some new full length acapella covers, some new full tracks, and now we've got some new acapella song clips! Remember, these are versions of songs that have an important "clip" where the whole song recording isn't needed for editing. Check these clips out, I just posted them and they are already live right now:

Champions (Acapella Clip) / originally performed by Kanye West

Banga Banga (Acapella Clip) / originally...

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You want some new full tracks? Well, we got some for ya!

Written by Mike P on October 10, 2016

Full tracks. More specifically, NEW full tracks. We know you want 'em. We know you need 'em. You need 'em for some kick a$$ new cheer routines and you need them to be good. Real good. Well, don't worry. We got your back. Check out the list of songs that are going to be posted later today for license:

  • She’s So High originally performed by TAL BACHMAN
  • America’s Sweetheart originally performed by ELLE KING
  • Final Song originally performed by MO
  • Party Train ...
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Like, WOW!

Written by Mike P on October 10, 2016

I came in this morning and wanted to put up this new, full length cover acapella ASAP. It's a great great song from one of my favorites: Beck! He's got a new album coming up in the next two weeks, and I'm very excited to hear it, cuz he always does such cool, interesting work. Check out the cover acapella of his new song "Wow"...its already live and ready for ya! 


Wow originally performed by Beck



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