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These acapellas are SETTING FIRES

Written by Mike P on November 22, 2016

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, y'all! Except, ya know, for Europeans. They don't have Thanksgiving. But they have tapas. And Belgium. And Leonardo DiCaprio 8 months out of the year. So they are fine. (Kudos to anyone out there who gets that reference....If you know where that line is from, then you are a huge nerd for cartoons like I am!)


Anyway! A new week means new full length acapellas, and we have some real good ones for ya. We always have real good ones for ya. They are equals parts crazy/sexy/cool, and they're live and in the store right now, so go check out: 


Setting Fires originally performed by The Chainsmokers ft XYLO

Ain't Giving Up originally performed by Craig David & Sigala

Team Lilman Anthem originally performed by DJ Lilman

It's Quiet Uptown (from Hamilton) originally performed by Kelly Clarkson


Oh, and speaking of HAMILTON, for those of you out there who are big Lin-Manuel Miranda fans, make sure you check out the new soundtrack for the Disney film "MOANA", cuz Miranda wrote all the songs for it!